Fieldpro RequirementsWe recommend Windows XP or higher, 1 GB Hard Drive space and 256MB of Ram be available.

Stormpromax Requirements Solutions require only an internet connection and Internet Explorer 6 or higher.

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stormpro water compliance
Enterprise for your stormwater compliance tracking needs.
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Cost effective version of our solution for smaller needs.
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fieldpro storm water compliance
A portable add-on solution when internet access is not available.
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Stormpromax eases the task of managing compliance of multiple sites and permits for:

The Compliance Inspection Manual provides guidance on NPDES inspections.

These procedures are fundamental to the EPA NPDES program and provide inspectors with a method for conducting inspections.
about stormpromax

Web-based NPDES Stormpromax is our enterprise solution for stormwater compliance tracking. The enterprise solution has all the features of Stormpro with additional features and enhanced functionality.

The workgroups and multi-media features provide immediate detailed site information, permits, inspection data, NPDES reporting, responsive actions, photos, audio, video media for the review of members of your group.

In addition to your workgroups, our Enterprise Edition allows unlimited third party access settings to expand your workgroups outside of your organization.

Below is a sample of our features. If your organization requires a user-friendly, cost effective web-based solution Stormpro or our field solution Fieldpro.

  • Site, Permit & Inspection Tracking
  • Customized BMP Task Lists
  • Lots & Area Section
  • Automatic Email, Report & Distribution
  • Workgroup Sharing Solutions
  • Unlimited User Access Levels
  • Customized Inspection Questionnaires
  • Customized Action Lists
  • Automatic Email, Report & Distribution
  • Interactive Map Feature
  • Online Work Authorization
  • Unlimited Third Party Access
  • Inspection Frequency Control
  • Unlimited Document Attachments
  • SSL Security True 128-bit Encryption
  • Daily Data Backup & Storage